you don't need no ticket


While some may see American Idol as a shameless corporate ploy to churn out pop stars and rake in the big bucks, I can't help but get sucked in every season. I love the show because it showcases the fact that there is talent everywhere, in unexpected places waiting to be discovered and cultivated. Now, Idol has had its fair share of ups (Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson) and downs (Clay Aiken & Justin Guarini, anyone?) but the bottom line is: the show emphasizes true, authentic talent. While the voting may not always reflect these goals (go ahead and thank America's teenage girls for keeping you around for so long, Tim Urban) it's hard to deny the fact that the show exposes the public to fresh, unique singers, many who go on to find great success. Probably my favorite contestant of all the seasons is Crystal Bowersox. True to herself with raw talent that can't be taught, I've been on the Bowersox Bandwagon since her first audition. She sings with so much emotion and passion that it even brings her to tears at times. Watch her performance of "People Get Ready" from last week. Then try to tell me that American Idol is a sham.


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