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So, I've done it. I've become one of "those engaged girls" who is OBSESSED with looking at wedding blogs (my favorites are The Wedding Chicks and Style Me Pretty) Aside from being practical tools for getting ideas for my own wedding, these sites have become my little escape from the stress that is seeming to multiply like rabbits on speed. A recurring tip on most of the websites is for brides-to-be to make "inspiration boards"...kind of a cheesy name for something that's really a great idea. So, in a very concerted effort to avoid studying yesterday, I made a few of my own inspiration boards on PowerPoint (nerd alert) from some of my favorite online wedding images. Keep in mind, I don't really plan on having a feast for 500 under a canopy of twinkle lights, nor will I be walking barefoot down the aisle, but some of these things were too beautiful not to include. There are things that I found that might actually sneak their way into the final product, namely, a bagpipe player (don't act so surprised). Corey and I, being Scottish and Irish, respectively, have talked at length about having a bagpipe player at the wedding (again, are you really that shocked?). If this actually happens I really, truly might just DIE.
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  1. Ok if I get you bagpipes at your wedding will you promise to get bagpipes at my funeral? Done. It has to be better than the trumpet player at Paige's......

  2. morbid...funeral madre? and there was a problem with the trumpeter at p's? i guess i didn't really notice b/c i was trying to focus on not passing out from the heat