Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.
Victor Borge

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Can't wait for a weekend full of laughter with ALL five of my sisters, my wonderful parents, and sweet fiancee. Lots to celebrate as a sister returns from a year abroad, C. will be finished with the Bar Exam, and mom's prognosis is looking good.


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candy glass


Lately, it seems like flash-sales are everywhere on the internet.
Delightful little "clubs" you can join to get designer goods, home wares, furniture, even travel deals at insanely discounted prices.
One of my favorites comes by way of Daily Candy, the email equivalent of that friend who knows where to get all the latest-and-greatest.
Swirl by Daily Candy not only offers sweet deals on everything under the sun, it is by far the site with the best (and biggest) discounts.
Today's sales feature glassware by Italian company Bormioli Rocco and let me tell ya...this stuff is cute cute cute! I'm talking about glass here, people. Cute glass.
Take a look for yourself:

I snagged the Giara bottles in clear and lime green--$12 for a set of two--and a pair of Misura carafes for $10. I mean, they were practially giving these things could I resist?

The bottles will look great on the table for water (a little more aesthetically appealing than a big clunky Brita pitcher) and I'm going to take a page from Cupcakes & Cashmere and try my hand at flavored water infusions. While I'm at it, I'll probably try some voka infusions a-la Could I Have That. The carafes will be perfect for the guest room bedside for when we have visitors in town.

If you'd like an invitation to join Swirl drop me a message or an email ( and I'll be happy to send one your way! I would hate for anyone to miss out on all this fun, candy-colored glass, not to mention all the other fantastic treats they have each day!

Happy Monday!

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