Tuesday night, basketball on, Pinterest.com &bippityboppityboo up
So...this is what you get:

the art history nerd in me is giggling with delight

take me back to SF...

yeah it is! particularly when it's filled with weeks like the one i'm having: nba playoff games, railroad revival tour, jazzfest, friends, good food, and sunshine.

oh heyyy what's up turquoise open-air shower? you're mine? guess i could deal with that.

want some bubblies in my belly. even if its cheap...i always feel fancy drinking the champies. 

if i wasn't a curly-Q i would steal this hair off of her head. 

a life without cheese is a sad one indeed.

makes me think of colorado and the sound of a river.

during graduate school, i stared at things like this until my eyes wanted to sprout legs and flee from my head. funny how a year of separation makes me come back and start to appreciate it again...


'romeo & juliet windmill' by frank lloyd wright


hipster animals


consider this an ode to hipster kitty
the one that, i believe, started it all

and hilarious
and true


cannot wait for this! 
also, emma stone could not be more perfect for 'skeeter'



This city is capable of moments unlike any moments you’ll ever experience in life. 

  To see an Indian come down the street in full regalia on St. Joseph’s Night on an unlit street of messed-up shotgun houses and one burned-out car, and he’s the most beautiful thing on the planet, and everything around him is falling down.   

  It’s a glorious instant of human endeavor.  

It’s duende from the Spanish, chills on the back of your neck, and then the next minute it’s gone.

Lots of American places used to make things. Detroit used to make cars. Baltimore used to make steel and ships.    

New Orleans still makes something.  

It makes moments.  

I don’t mean that to sound flippant, and I don’t mean it to sound more or less than what it is...

 ...but they’re artists with a moment, they can take a moment... 

 ...and make it into something so transcendent that you’re not quite sure that it happened or that you were a part of it.

 -David Simon (writer of 'Treme') on New Orleans

(images courtesy of Blackberry, big-easy, & jessica lorren,)

cool hunting


snaps and video from the city i love

the big breezy easy, baby

jax fortress

un dia


captain twist


  morning view

french quarter fest duo killing 'all along the watchtower' 
so glad that the second (best) half was captured by mr. c

all photos shot with the big bad fancy blackberry
video via the trendier, fancier iphone4

cool hunting

Snaps and Video from the City I Love

Big Easy, Baby