a day late & a year older


Sassy little munchkin!

I celebrated my 25th birthday yesterday & today and I have to say that it was one of the best yet. I felt so loved and special thanks to friends and family whose thoughtfulness and kind words were so appreciated. Mr. C went above and beyond and treated me to a very special dinner at Stella! and gave me a fantastic gift...my very own Simon painting! His artwork is everywhere here and is so unique, colorful, and witty.  I've been dying to own one since I moved to New Orleans and Corey picked out my favorite piece...it makes me laugh every time I see it & is now hanging at the top of the steps to greet all visitors:

Thank you to everyone who made my day incredibly special and sweet!


a great reminder


rainy day list


It's currently rainy and cold in New Orleans, and I wish I could be here, lounging on the balcony:

Or doing this:
But not all is dreary and boring, I have been getting to nibble on this lately:
And start to look forward to this:
Not to mention begin the search for one of these for when Lady GaGa comes to Nola
(oh believe me, this WILL be happening for the concert):

On a more serious note, trying to put this into practice:

 Hope everyone's week is off to a wonderful start!

i love the mall. for today.


Still riding high on what quite possibly could have been the best trip to the mall I've ever had
Case in point:

First, I get an unexpected birthday surprise at Sephora: a bottle of Philosophy (my FAVE) body wash with a special "Happy Birthday Beautiful" message and yummy birthday cake scent. Note to readers: if you are a Sephora Beauty Insider (very official title) and have a birthday in January, get your booty down to Sephora for your free gift! This bottle is the 3rd Philosophy product currently taking up residence in my shower, and I am not in the least bit ashamed. I LOVE it. 

After the Sephora sales girl completely made my day, I trotted over to Ann Taylor where this little gem was waiting just for me. Not only did it fit perfectly but it was a whopping TEN DOLLARS. I was in disbelief. Was the zipper broken? A strange hidden rip that wouldn't be found until after I got it home? A weird funky smell that even the strongest Febreeze couldn't get rid of? How could this once $250 dress from the Ms. A. Taylor be such an unbelievable price? Something must be horribly wrong with it. Nope. None of the above. A perfect, beautiful, classic, and unique Little Black Dress now living happily in my closet. 

Do you now understand why I had to brag a little bit? Best. Mall. Day. Ever. 

draw me a map

Feast your eyes on visual artist Matthew Cusick's map collage portraits & landscapes. Yes, these images are made from pieces cut from atlases or road maps. I love this kind of art--transforming something so mundane and everyday into a spectacular visual masterpiece.

a visual life


A wonderful short film on Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. I love the advice he gives--to get out and about into your world as often as you can, and open your eyes to the beauty that is all around you. Making a mental note to do just this.

even when the flood starts rising


About two years ago, I was introduced to the incredible band, Needtobreathe and quickly became a huge fan. I've been listening to a ton of their stuff recently during my runs down St. Charles, and this particular song has taken the #1 favorite spot. I love the soulful message about the type of forgiveness and love that, no matter what happens, is a strong, unwavering, and present force. 

Even when the rain falls
Even when the flood starts rising
Even when the storm comes
I am washed by the water

Even when the Earth crumbles under my feet
Even when the ones I love turn around and crucify me
I won't never ever let you down
I won't fall
I won't fall
I won't fall as long as you're around me

cribs: cambodia


As some of you might know, my sister Chandler is currently abroad serving on an 11 month long missions trip known as "The World Race." Her team travels to a new country every month, so 11 countries total in just under a year. They recently left Cambodia for Kenya, and one of her teammates posted this great video of Chandler giving a tour of their living accommodations at House of Joy in Cambodia. Seeing her joyful attitude while in the midst of a place with chickens in the shower, a mosquito net Christmas tree, and the constant presence of noisy (but cute!) children is incredible. Although there is not an abundance of material things at their location, it is overflowing with one thing that really counts--JOY

If you are interested in supporting Chandler or her team as they continue serving, click HERE

secret worlds


(image via)

Avoid snap judgments & take time to get to know people...they will almost always surprise you with the things they keep on reserve in their "secret worlds."