i've always loved turquoise-hued jewelry
think less native american and more contemporary polished
it literally goes with every color under the sun
don't believe me? try it
purple, red, blue, yellow, orange & pink all look great with a pop of cool turquoise
think of it as the blue jeans or LBD of jewelry

here are a few things to

trust me when i say, 'enter this giveaway'


you know those people...

the ones who win the cake walk at the school spring fair
who buy one raffle ticket and it gets drawn from the hat for the grand prize
never met a scratch-off lotto ticket they never cashed in on
get picked to compete on a radio-DJ show and win a lifetime pass to Six Flags

those people have something in their DNA that predisposes them to luck
i do not

so this is where you come in
today (not tomorrow, not the next day) visit The Southern Eclectic 
and enter her fab giveaway 
warning: be prepared to become enamored with the lady herself
she is a million kinds of awesome
you'll not only give yourself a chance to score something beeee-autiful from her collection
but boost my chances to win as well
i'm dreaming of wearing one of her creations on a honeymoon date with C in Playa Mujeres

i know we're all friends here, so pretty please with cherries on top
do me this teensy favor? 


friday daydreaming


it's friday& the boss is out
this can only mean one thing
clicking through my favorite sites and
lots of images saved to my desktop

it's friday and this is what's making me happy...

arty-print dress from ASOS

Chris Benz resort

Dalton Ghetti graphite carvings

Oh my goodness, Mr. Ben would look so dignified in this!
via Silly Buddies on Etsy

    Joshua Tree National Park
    via Blurry Lens on Etsy  

Tory Burch's 'Top Ten' of summer

“She was filled with a strange wild unfamiliar happiness, and knew that this was love. Twice in her life she had mistaken something else for it. It’s like seeing somebody in the street who you think is a friend, you whistle and wave and run after him, but it is not only not the friend, but not even very like him. A few minutes later the real friend appears in view, and then you can’t imagine how you ever mistook that other person for him.”
Nancy Mitford, The Pursuit of Love

have a wonderful weekend!

it's monday, yall


and PTL things are mellow
after a whirlwind weekend of a wedding, a luau-themed shower given in our honor, going out with friends, and madre in town
i am one worn-out lady
if only work had sanctioned naptime
too late to go back to kindergarten?

since things have been quiet, i headed over to bippity boppity boo and fairy tales are true
(unintentional rhyming, i swear)
and indulged in a little image-hunting
enjoy and happy monday!

on days like today...


let's take a stroll


so my wedding photographer is more than just that
she's a very sweet friend who takes pictures
that look like they belong in a fairy tale book
and transforms snapshots into stories
and loves cheese (the food and the adjective) as much as i do

anytime she posts a collection of photos on her blog, i get excited to see what she's captured
this time, it was a stroll around my neighborhood during her visit in march
take and look and you'll understand what i was saying about her

(images via jessicalorren.com)

and just because i'm feeling extra sweet and sappy today
a little quote courtesy of The Southern Eclectic
who is celebrating a third wedding anniversary
(i can't wait for my third, seventeenth, thirtieth and all the other in-between anniversaries)

in case you're wondering
yes, i would pick that moment that C and i met
on the sidewalk outside of the 'red eye'
don't judge
i know a couple who met at the goldmine




memorial day weekend meant a visit to the texas hill country to see my family. we were lucky to have some great friends make the trip with us.
we spent time by the pool at my grandparent's (now my aunt & uncle's house)
ate, talked, and laughed LOTS
hung out at the sunday house in the frio canyon 
hiked, swam, cooked, and laughed some more

such a wonderful time and a MUCH needed escape!

speaking of home...Mr. C and i found our first married-life place! it is a cute little yellow 2-story with a palm tree and a back patio all to ourselves. i'm moving in july 1st, stayed tuned for pics.