orange crush


I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about all the dresses, shoes, jewelry, purses, etc. etc. etc. I am infatuated with so before I continue, a disclaimer: I LOVE clothes. I will keep posting entries about them, because for me, my choice of wardrobe is an outward expression of my personality. I take pride in how I present myself and in my personal style, because when I am put-together, wearing something that I creatively constructed from my own closet, I feel happy. Simple as that.

That said, I am currently drooling over this Marc Jacobs orange leather clutch. The description claims it can be used to "protect all your important documents while traveling." Hey, I might not have any of these so-called important documents but by God, I will find some to put in this case and then take the kind of trip where they'd need protecting. (So I guess this means I am obligated to take a trip if I buy the clutch...something I am completely open to negotiating.) Everything about it is perfect: the size, the gold hardware (oh, don't get me started on my obsession with gold hardware), the padlock, the orange color that, believe it or not, would go perfectly with so many things. I guess if I want this to become a reality, it's time to start stashing away a little cash every week. Of course, so much easier said than done.


  1. and it is perfect for the UT games....Hook'em