ever been verbally stampeded?


Don't get me wrong...I love to talk, tell stories, converse with people about their lives and interests. But everyone knows one or a few of those people who revel in the sound of their own voice and who will stampede a conversation even if their point is entirely irrelevant. Just to get a word in. Many of them have great intentions, and many of them have very interesting things to say. What I've been trying to keep in mind lately (I think in an effort to avoid becoming one of those dialogue ambushers) is this: enjoy the art of conversation. Give, take, listen, agree, disagree, share your two cents. It's not the amount of words you say that matters, but rather it's what you say and how you say it. And if you can keep it short and sweet, even better.
Keep it simple. Keep it to the point.


  1. The shorter the speech, the higher the rate...... Winston Churchill