hipster kitty


It's getting to be that time in New Orleans when the temperature starts rising and everyone flocks to Audubon or The Fly to bask in the still relatively tame won't-melt-you-into-a-puddle sunshine. With this solar worship comes the parade of sundresses, shorts, bathing suits, tank tops and flip flops. Everyone lives and breathes the glorious late spring Louisiana weather. Everyone, that is, except the hipsters. New Orleans is teeming with hipsters, from the "I spent $50 on this t-shirt from American Apparel but shredded it with a cheese grater so it looks vintage" kind to the "I don't even remove my super pointy toed boots and black skinny Levis to shower" type.
And as much as I applaud hipsters for being the so-called champions of subversive style (however subversive you can be while wearing Urban Outfitters) I will never understand the inexplicable need to wear a beanie and a flannel button-down in 80 degree weather. We get it. You're a HIPSTER. But even hipsters sweat, right? Or does one transcend the state of perspiring when wearing the prerequisite uniform of thick-framed glasses, deep-V neck shirt and carefully sculpted anime-esque jagged mullet? Judging by how warm I get even while wearing a breezy dress, I think it's safe to say hipsters have to be wringing out their skinny jeans on lunchbreak or something (ew). So is there a solution to help this over-heated, over-perspiring subculture without asking them to sacrifice their oh-so-carefully executed look? (We can't have dehydrated hipsters littering the streets for goodness sakes!) Unless the geniuses at Urban or American Apparel whip up a warm weather-friendly beanie, I wouldn't hold your breath.

Enjoy Hipster Kitty. So coolly aloof in his hipster-ness and aversion to all things mainstream. Except Starbucks. And Nylon Magazine. And PBR. And Macbooks.