kitchen envy


We've been cooking up a storm lately at the house, and preparing a big, yummy meal for friends has become one of my favorite things to do. I really love nothing more than sitting down with great food, wonderful friends, a glass of wine, and lively conversation. I've worn through my copy of Real Simple's cookbook, but my recent purchase of this incredible book (the recipes are ridiculously simple and seriously delicious) ensures that tasty feasts will never be in short supply:
 All of this cooking (and thinking about cooking) has infected me with a bit of kitchen envy, too. Not to say that our kitchen doesn't get the job done, but when I see photos of kitchens with yards of counter space, seemingly unlimited storage, and room for friends to gather, I turn an unsightly shade of green. Check out some images of kitchens I'm craving:

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  1. i'm totally lusting after that book at work right now!!!! it looks so fun! you should call 526 soon!! haha