barn houses, tree hotels, and "glamping"


A beautiful, light-filled barn house featured on Inhabitat, proving that green architecture can, in fact, be high design as well as inspired. Read a little more about this incredible building:
 Building reuse is often overshadowed by the long green shadow of new high performance architecture. But the intrinsic nature of repurposing and bringing second life to an otherwise discarded structure is a sustainable idea we can’t ignore, especially when it’s done as gracefully as this old barn redux in Belgium. Architect Rita Huys of Buro2 skillfully transformed this agricultural icon into a beautiful, modern dwelling known simply as The Barn House.

Also featured on Inhabit, Sweden's Treehotel, which nestles prefab high-design cabins high up in the branches. The Mirrorcube cabin is particularly beautiful, and at night it blends in seamlessly with the surrounding forest, reflecting the nighttime sky and the silhouettes of the trees.
How much do flights to Sweden cost these days?

And finally, a more attainable getaway location, The Martyn House in Ellijay, a small town in the North Georgia Mountains. Operated by JoAnn Antonelli and Rick Lucas, the Martyn House is a unique Bed and Breakfast and intimate event facility. Guests stay in luxury sleeping tents from India, and each tent is secluded, allowing guests the opportunity to experience nature. However, guests do not miss out on all the comforts of home because the experience allows glamorous camping; where luxury in the wild means fine linens and gourmet meals. Some call it Glam Camping, they call it Glamping. 

Each tent, in addition to the large bedroom, has its own private bath and covered veranda. Breakfast is served at the main house, which is an old 1930’s Farm House. Often, guests never leave the property. They may indulge in a bit of self-pampering with massages, morning yoga, walking the many trails around the property or just lounging in a hammock. Other guests may feel creative and take private art classes in photography or pottery.

All of this, coupled with the fact that The Martyn House is super affordable if you go with friends, the roomies and I are currently planning a springtime oh-so-chic getaway in the woods! 


  1. Some ideas for a new camp if we build one to replace the loss of Comanche Outpost to Family Camp

  2. Ok these are fabulous. Only what happens when the tree comes down? Not sure those canvas walls would keep out the critters....the stinging kind. Now in Colorado......where there are fewer bugs......perfect. I love the interiors of these canvas adorable....Thanks for sharing Boo.