it's really NOT beginning to feel a lot like christmas, but i'll give it a shot


We had our holiday leadership meeting this morning at work, where we talked about all sorts of top-secret plans for the loads fun surprises that Anthro rolls out this time of year. BUT I'm having kind of a hard time convincing myself to get into the spirit of the holiday season before I've even said goodbye to Halloween. Not to mention it's hovering around 85 degrees outside, and Santa doesn't do humidity. I will say though, that looking at pictures like this one makes me start remembering Christmases past, and this ultimately brings me that much closer to wanting to break out into a full-on Mariah Carey Christmas carol diva moment (those are the best kind, in case you didn't already know.)
Thanks, mom, for sending over the pic. Everyone got a good laugh at how excited we look to be hanging with the Sugar Plum Fairy herself. 


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