fall is knocking


To say that the weather in New Orleans has been fantastic lately would be a huge understatement. I've been able to break out all of my favorite boots, cardigans, and scarves (so they're the lightweight ones, but still....scarves!) much earlier than I expected and I couldn't be happier. I love dressing for cooler weather, and since we only have a few months of it here, I plan to take full advantage. What makes all of this even better is that there was no weird transition period between sweltering heat and perfect fall temperatures and cool breezes. It went from miserable to blissful almost overnight, which I consider a miracle. A small one, yes, but still a miracle nonetheless. Here are a few little things that are getting me even more excited about my favorite season!


  1. i am loving that large knit pink/red scarf!! saw your blog post on fairy tales are true - i'm following you now!!

    xoxo Kendall

  2. You are making me crave big chunky scarves!

  3. Can't remember where I put that box of scarves.......
    Love ya sweetie, great blog