i'm just sitting on the shelf


There are so many things about this video that I L-O-V-E:

Zooey Deschanel: double, triple love...try and find a person who doesn't adore her Baby It's Cold Outside duet with Will Ferrel in "Elf"

Joseph Gordon-Levitt: I mean who didn't have a middle school crush on him as Roger in "Angels in the Outfield" and then a high school crush on him as Cameron in "10 Things I Hate About You"and then again in his recent role as Tom in "500 Days of Summer". He was right up there with Devin Sawa as Junior in "Little Giants" or when he played the physical incarnation of Casper opposite Christina Ricci...SWOON.

She & Him "Why Do You Let Me Stay Here": She & Him is Zooey's band with Matt Ward. They put out simple, adorable songs that make you want to put on a sundress and go have a picnic in the park. Yes, that adorable.

And finally: Cheesy dancing between two people who genuinely look like they're having an absolute blast. Watch for yourself and you'll understand:

Also, as a little bonus, here is the official She & Him video for the song. I am infatuated with all the little cartoon details, and even though there's fake blood and vultures I think it all remains very charming, and Zooey still looks adorable even as she whacks someone's head off with an animated axe. I also love the little Pac Man-esque creatures and the singers' ghosts who seem to be up to no good but are endearingly mischievous. One last thing that's great about this video are the calavera-like nuns who are floating around and singing along. Very Dia de los Muertos which...well, don't even get me started about how much I love everything associated with that. Trust me, and enjoy!


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