"ain't it nice to know that dreams still come true..."


Well, here goes nothing. I've been playing with the idea of starting my own blog for a while now, but the glaring reality I kept coming back to was: WHAT in the world could I talk about that would merit its own little corner in the infinite sea of the internet and blogs? I worried over thoughts of whether people would actually want to take a peek at what I find beautiful, inspiring, hilarious and thought-provoking. This then led to a paranoia of the dreadful possibility that those things I find fascinating or worthy of conversation may be seen as vapid or frivolous.

The more I perused other people's forays into the blogging world, the more I realized: these blogs are reflections of their creators--what they hold dear, things that make them tick, snapshots of their lives. I knew then that my own hesitation of venturing out stemmed from the fear of exposing what makes ME tick, things that I love and want to share. This sort of technological vulnerability, however superficial or trivial it may seem, is not something I am necessarily "good at" but, in real life, I love to share with others my findings, beautiful things, lovely quotes, funny anecdotes, anything really that might brighten someone's day or offer them a reprieve from the constant grind of school or work.

So, that said, I am not setting out to create a blog that claims to be important or even serious. I want it to be a reflection of my life and everything that makes it full, happy and FUN!

I named this blog after one of my favorite Willie Nelson songs "A Moment of Forever" because I think that's what makes up life--moments that may not hold heavy significance, yet weave themselves together to create memories. The quote below the title is from Barbara Kingsolver, one of my favorite authors, and it epitomizes what I hope to capture: snippets of things I love that will (hopefully) serve to remind myself and others of all the loveliness, humor and joy that can be found in our daily lives.


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