so much to love


The gorgeous new bedding I scored at a ridiculously amazing price. Can't wait to snuggle up in these tonight...they're bound to give me sweet dreams, don't you think?

THE SAINTS return (officially) on Thursday and I'll be losing my voice along with the rest of the Superdome as we watch them in a very, very exciting re-match against the Vikings. Can't wait for tailgating, the Dome, and singing "Stand Up and Get Crunk" about a thousand times. WHO DAT!

Things are falling into place for the wedding, and Corey and I get to be married and celebrate at two of the most incredible places ever. Academy of the Sacred Heart Chapel is one of the most gorgeous spots in Nola, and is where we'll have the ceremony. It holds a very special meaning for me and my family--all of my dad's sisters were Sacred Heart girls, as was his mother (a teacher). I know Maw Maw is elated and dancing with joy over this decision. Latrobe's on Royal is where the reception will take place, and words really can't begin to describe how much I adore this place. I honestly would move my things in right now, if I could, and be perfectly content living there forever. Oh, and Carrie Underwood filmed a music video there (I know, stop it, it's  just too much.) 
My heart just can't handle it.

One of my all-time favorite songs, sung by two of my all-time favorite artists, "Beautiful World" by Dierks Bentley and Patty Griffin. I just love, love, love the video...don't both Dierks and Patty look like two of the coolest folks to hang with? The lyrics to this song are so special and I try to take them to heart each time I hear it. Reminders to appreciate our lives and the beauty of what's in them are woven into each and every line.

All the noise and the voices are screamin'
What they have to say
And the headlines and sound bytes are givin' me
Demons to hate
And the man on TV
He tells me it's ugly
But if you ask me

It's a beautiful world
It's a beautiful world

There's tears and there's fears and there's losses and crosses to bear
And sometimes the best we can do is just to whisper a prayer
And press on because
There's so much to live for and so much to love

In this beautiful world
Say what you will but I still believe
It's a beautiful world
It's a beautiful world

And I know (I know)
I'm not dreamin'
I just choose (choose) to believe it

So I hate that I sometimes miss what's right in front of my eyes, oh
And I know at the end of my road I'll be wantin' more time
Just another sunset
One more kiss from my baby
A smile from a friend

In this beatiful world
It's a beautiful world
Yeah, it's a beautiful world

Say what you will, but I still believe
It's a beautiful world
Yeah, it's a beautiful world
Oh, it's a beautiful world


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