pretty lights


I love love love twinkle lights, vintage-looking lightbulbs, and anything sparkly and glow-y, especially when creatively coordinated with organic materials, thin paper structures, and beautiful decorative settings. I'm getting so much inspiration for how to adorn the carriageway of Latrobe's just by looking through images like these. Think: delicate paper in wedding white, folk-y cut designs, the ceiling of San Antonio's Mi Tierra, and soft glittering lights waving softly above guests heads as they enter the reception. It's a concept I've been planning out in my head for quite some time now, and I can assure you that it might just take up residence in our first home together. Who wouldn't want to feel like they're entering a glamorous celebration every time they come home? Enjoy these delightful images as well as a little tune by one of my new faves, an electronic music duo actually called "Pretty Lights."

P.S.....I just realized that this is post number one hundred on my little ol' blog! In my mind, this is quite the milestone. Thanks to all of you, however many that may be, for encouraging me to indulge my whims and talk about all the beautiful, joyful, and even those not-so-important things that I love. Your sweet words and comments make my days bright and sparkling with happiness!


  1. Yes, yes, yes!

    This post exemplifies what I want, no need to do to my covered back patio. I'm bookmarking it and showing it to my husband right when he gets home.

  2. so glad you found a little inspiration--i wish i had a back patio to cover with twinkle lights!

  3. Twinkle lights are the best - especially at weddings!! We hired a lighting company - think it was a great investment.
    Just checked out your venue ... AMAZING. I'm already excited for you!!