If any of you ever peruse the sidebars of this humble little blog, you've probably noticed that I have a running (and ever-growing) list of fellow bloggers who bring lots and lots of happiness into my days. One blog in particular, Slow Southern Style, does a fantastic job of keeping up with what's going on in the New Orleans fashion and retail world--quite a daunting task considering the abundance of boutiques, specialty stores, and emerging designers in the city. I'm always checking for the latest updates, tips, inside scoop, and my favorite, "Mannequin Mondays," which features window displays and mannequins from stores around New Orleans.

So, you can imagine how incredibly thrilled I was to read that the author of SSS, Christy, is hosting her official launch party (so fancy!) with another great website, iHeartNola, with support from screenprinters extraordinaire Skip N' Whistle, and the Capri Sun for adults, Cordina's Mar-Go-Ritas. An added bonus is that the event is taking place in one of my favorite parts of New Orleans, the newly revamped Oak Street. The only thing that could make this event better would be shopping, music, and free guessed it...ALL HAPPENING.

Moral of this story: head over to The Factory at 8314 Oak (next to the Maple Leaf) on October 7th @ 8pm to shop, sip, and groove til you drop.
($10 tickets at the door, $5 pre-order from


  1. Awww you are too sweet for reposting this! Can't wait to meet you in person.