the romantics


I heard about the film "The Romantics" a few weeks ago, and thanks to EA's blog and Katie Holmes currently on Letterman, I was reminded of how excited I am to see it (and read the novel it's based on!) Not only were the powers-that-be GENIUS to partner with J.Crew for a promotional campaign (dressing the entire cast head-to-toe in casual fabulousness surely inspired by Jenna Lyons, and perfectly targeting their key market--i.e. people like me--so that we now have no choice but to see the movie) but the cast is full of fantastic people, some who make me a little nostalgic for their TV show pasts (Katie Holmes from her "Dawson's Creek" days, or HELLO Seth Cohen--I mean Adam Brody--from "The OC") and others that I just love to love, like Josh Duhamel, Anna Paquin, and Malin Akerman. Treat your eyes to some pretty people wearing pretty clothes, and sneak a peek at the trailer:



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