It seems to me that Bristol Palin had two options:

 1) Use every spare ounce of energy to parlay her status--the daughter of a controversial small-town Alaskan politician's daughter, who happened to wind up as a single mother, whose fiancee happened to pose for a scandalous nudie-mag, who happened to begin a very public feud with each other, and then happened to announce their "engagement" via the tabloids while keeping it a secret from said mother--into so-called "fame" by American standards, clawing at any bit of attention thrown her way if it means getting into the spotlight (including an appearance on "Dancing With the Stars" in an outfit that is a far cry from her promises of "modest")

2) Raise her child with dignity and grow into adulthood gracefully, as difficult as it might be.

Everything about this picture and B. Palin's quest to become famous saddens me about the people and virtues that Americans seem to exalt. Why are we so fixated on a teenage single mother from Alaska who seems to care more about being famous than about her infant son? Where are the real heroes, those people sacrificing everything to make this world a little bit better every day?


  1. I couldn't agree with this post more! You hit all of the big points.