tuesday treats


Today has been overwhelmingly boring completely devoid of any major obligations, save for my little excursion to the Westbank to meet Corey and Linda on their lunchbreak at the benchmark of the culinary world, Chili's. So, to occupy my abundance of free time, I decided to forego all of the mundane tasks lurking around every corner and instead, give you dear readers a little shot of beautiful things, places, and words. Nothing profound, insightful or thought-provoking...simply lovely little treats for the eyes and imagination. If you want a closer look at anything, simply click the image for a larger version. Enjoy.
I am beyond obsessed with anything this shade of acid green, especially when paired with crisp whites or light grays. While I do own two fantastic vintage acidy-green velvet wingback chairs, both just a smidge darker than the shade above and maybe my favorite pieces of furniture E-V-E-R, I think it would be so cool to incorporate the shade in other ways, like this half-wall (I swear I will get around to putting up pictures of the new casa one of these days. I do have photos of the chairs but sadly, they are terrible quality). In the meantime, I have been trying to snap up yummy acid-green (oxymoron?) pieces that I can wear. I bought this Kate Spade necklace while I was in San Francisco, and wear it with anything and everything I can (it looks a little yellow-y on the website, but trust me...it is full-on acid green. Love!) Also still lusting after this Anthropologie shirtdress that I mentioned a few weeks back, which has a great acid greenish/yellowish sash that contrasts perfectly with the cool gray and white of the dress.
I know that this is totally out there in the "land of things imagined"...but how cool is this caravan set-up? There's even a shower on top of the trailer with streamers...what?!?! I would have to bathe at least three times a day. I mean, I know that this little gem was probably set up for a photo shoot but, whatever. It brings out the uber-girly "let's put on pink tu-tus, bake cupcakes, and braid each others hair while we hang out in our custom-made caravan" ten-year-old in me...and I refuse to deny even the slightest bit of that.
Kilindi Resort in Zanzibar. I don't even know where on God's green earth Zanzibar is, but from the looks of things, it's somewhere I am now obligated to visit. Give me anything white stucco and I am instantly obsessed. Add in lanterns, an outdoor dining area, poolside chaise lounges, large trees, and sunset...and I go into full-on Rachel Zoe "I die-I die-Bananas" mode.
Again with the lanterns (I told you...) I think my obsession began when I hung white paper lanterns from my ceiling in high school. I mean, sure I left them on all the time and it made my room quite the fire hazard but so what? That's what fire alarms are for and it made my little corner of the house look tres chic. Anyway, back to these cute little Asian lanterns. Melissa and I have accumulated three fantastic lamps, each with an old Chinese vase as its base. One of these lamps is conveniently located by our sweet screened-in porch...which conveniently already has nails placed perfectly for hanging lanterns that would neatly tie up the little Asian accessories vibe we have going on. Just sayin'.
It recently came to my attention that there now exists the job-of-all-jobs...CANDY CURATOR. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I read with my own green-from-envy eyes about Dylan Lauren--yes, Ralph Lauren's daughter, owner of Dylan's Candy Bar, and a fellow Theta (hey Dylan, hook a sister up with some sweet treats!)--who now holds the official title of "Candy Curator" at Self magazine. I wonder if instead of a business card they'll print her information on a giant jelly bean, or maybe stamp it into a chocolate bar. Hey, if you've got the title...may as well flaunt it a little bit, right?
Adorable ceramic notepad from Not on the High Street, which is like a British version of Etsy (I think) Seeing as this is made of glass, it would most certainly break upon its mere entrance into my purse...but would look great on my desktop, or mounted on the kitchen wall for grocery and to-do lists. Obviously pens are a no-go, so you scribble all your tasks down with china pencil. Much more sophisticated than the thousand or so Post-Its cluttering up my life.
More love for neon! The shade of the orange dress matches a Mint by Jodi Arnold dress I wore to dinner the other night, and I have a silk top by Fumblin' Foe that is the exact color of Diane Kruger's gown (I'm just SO on trend....I know) I really love the pink and the blue dresses on Gwyneth and Kirsten (less thrilled about the yellow) and must keep my eyes peeled for tops and dresses in these delicious shades. These colors are perfect for putting a little summer zing into the ol' wardrobe. And, most importantly, always make sure to smile when you're wearing day-glo colors...the shades are too happy for you not to! (ahem...Kiki Dunst)
Just lovely, and so true.
Where is this luxurious bathtub, and how do I get myself into it?
"How to be an Explorer of the World"...this looks like something a grown-up Harriet the Spy would have scribbled into one of her notebooks. Sidenote: I was infatuated with Harriet the Spy growing up. I read the book TWELVE times and was thoroughly convinced that it was my life's true calling to be a spy. I even made myself a spy kit and kept a notebook. (I know what you're all thinking, and yes...I was a peculiar little child.) To this day, I can't look at Michelle Trachtenberg, even in full-on Georgina Sparks mode on Gossip Girl, without thinking of her as Harriet in the movie version of the book.  Anyway, this list reminded me of a grown-up version of things Harriet would rattle off in her notebooks...things to do, things not to do, goals to accomplish, places to go, things to learn. I have to admit, I still envy Harriet the Spy a little bit from time to time and think about what would have become of my spy career if I had chosen to pursue it.



  1. You are amazing. I do have a question. How do you add links in your text that appear as the name in different colors but its not the URL address it the actual name as mentioned in the text....does that even make sense?
    Going to Apple today hopefully recovering all my photos....I am hoping my gdrive has not been destroyed.
    love you