bad blogger


Ok, I'll admit it...I've been seriously lazy the past few weeks about posting. Since I know that there are so many people out there hanging on my every word, I vow to try a little harder at putting my thoughts and findings out into the blogosphere, however silly or inconsequential they may be (making promises via the internet is very serious stuff, you know.) BUT, and I'm not trying to justify being a blog slacker, I have had quite a whirlwind few weeks...

We spent some time in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee for Chandler's graduation from Lee University, and make a quick stop in Athens to see our dear friends Becky and Daniel, as well as some of Corey's buddies from his time at UGA...

After just 24 hours in New Orleans to unpack, do laundry and re-pack, enjoyed a wonderful reunion in Tulsa with these ladies...

Then we sped down to the Hill Country for a little R&R, birthday celebrations for Adelaide, wine tasting at Becker Vineyards, French tacos at the Hunt Store, and hanging at mini-Stonehenge (that's right, we have a replica of the mythical monument 2/3 to scale about 15 minutes from the house)...

After a few days in Hill Country heaven, we made our way to Baton Rouge for Corey's brother Casey's graduation and got to spend some fun time with he and his sweet girlfriend Grayson. On our way there, we made a little pit stop at my family's old farm, La Nuez Grande, sold a couple years ago. I can't put into words how much this place means to me and how many incredible memories it holds.

Finally back in Nola, it was time to get organized for the big move from here...

to here!

With these two lovely ladies:

In between packing, de-cluttering and adjusting to the now inescapable New Orleans heat, we took a day trip to the still-clean beaches of Bay St. Louis

We also received some news about Corey's health (while we were relaxing on the beach no less...I guess if you're going to get "news" that's the best place to hear it!) He's been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and the past few weeks have been full of learning about how to check blood sugar, give insulin, regulate diet and keep health risks associated with the disease at bay. Through everything, he has had such an incredible attitude and I am amazed by how he has handled it all. We've come to understand how manageable diabetes really is, and while I'm sure that the lifestyle changes that come with it will be somewhat challenging at first, I'm in this with him every step of the way.

Currently, I'm getting settled into the new casa, enjoying some time with my madre and sister who have been visiting and LOVING the fact that I finally have my sweet little Benny with me in New Orleans! (he lived with my parents during my 2 years of graduate school)

I think that brings us up to speed! I cross my heart there will be more to come sooner rather than later!


  1. I had such a great time being there with you. Will be back soon.
    Love you,