styled by: juley


i've been reading juley le's blog upperlyne for a few years now
it's a haven of all things cool and stylish
and not only is the girl stunning, but she has impeccable taste. 
so, when the opportunity to collaborate with her popped up
i (first) pinched myself, then jumped at the chance

the first look was worn while she was in NYC for fashion week.
the idea was to use her favorite NYC neighborhood, the lower east side, as inspiration
she pulled together a very cool interpretation of classic southern seersucker by jolie & elizabeth
re-imagined for the streets of new york.
she accessorized their 'feliciana' dress with recycled metal chevron earrings
& a louisiana 'state pride' necklace from kris nations

(um, hello gorgeous!)

her second look was worn while in wilmington, north carolina
a post demonstrating how to style your whites post-labor day
she totally nailed it. 
she's wearing the camilyn beth "70's Go-Go" dress
but put her own unique spin on it by wearing it backwards 
styled with a brick-hued cardigan and luxe accessories
the little white dress gets made over for autumn.

(love the nod to nola with the fleur-de-lis pin!)

i had such a great time working with juley on these posts
a girl who's as sweet as she is stylish.
she's a consistent source of inspiration, and i always love reading about her latest culinary projects
and, of course, coveting her knack for striking the perfect casual/cool balance with her outfits.
(see why i was pinching myself?)
thank you, juley!


  1. So sweet! Thank you for the awesome opportunity to work with one of my favorite New Orleans boutiques.

    PS - love that you are blogging! <3