creativity takes courage


alright, so i'm "back"
glad i got the re-introductory post out of the way,
but i have just a tiny bit of explaining to do
in regards to why i think it was important to resurrect my little corner of the internet

the store i own, hattie sparks, is brimming with unique designers & artists
whose stories i will tell to anyone who will listen.
now, there's only so much i can do on the ol' Facebook
but i have such a passion for these small, independent designers
why they do what they do, what influences them, how they got their start, why their product is special
that i want, and need to shine a bright spotlight on them. 
each one of their distinct fingerprints make h.s. what it is.
the store would not be the same without them.

this is why i want my customers to know 
that when they buy a dress from jolie & elizabeth
they're putting money directly back into NOLA's economy;
that proceeds from see scout sleep dog collar benefits our beloved gulf coast;
that the MCMC perfume they can't stop sniffing 
is named for and inspired by an event in its creator's life. 

are these products well made? 
are they little gems to be discovered?
are they crafted from distinct and creative points of view?
absolutely yes.

but, to me, what makes these lines different
are the people and the passions behind them.

i truly believe that a shopping experience becomes more complete
when there's a sense of discovery, or a story waiting to be told behind each product

that's one of my goals here.
to tell those stories,
to ignite a sense of discovery,
to depart from the generic, 
to pull the shades back and let some light fall on these incredible people & their passions.

because creativity takes courage.
and i want to honor that as best i can. 


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