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remember me? 
remember that one time i posted regularly on this little blog?
yeah...i'm having a hard time, too. 

some big things have happened since i last posted
namely this: 


can you believe it? i alluded to this goal in this post last october (i'm so sneaky, right?)
and it happened.
it actually happened and it has been incredible. 
i have literally been pinching myself for the past seven months
and have been blown away and humbled by the warm reception i've received
from locals and out-of-towners alike.

some highlights include:
(still don't know if this one really happened)
a spotlight on one of my favorite local sites, I Heart NOLA
being voted as one of the TOP 3 'best new retail stores' 
...just to name a few

there have been several other articles, blog posts, & mentions
that i've had the honor to be a part of.
so you can see why i really am pinching myself.

the greatest part of everything though? 
aside from establishing and building relationships with incredible designers, artists, and collaborators
aside from getting to meet sweet and interesting customers each day
aside from having the opportunity to curate a collection i'm proud of...
the greatest part is that i am really, really 
living out a passion.
not a dream. a passion.

a dream is something, to me, that's a fantasy. a far-off. an "if only___"
a passion is something that burns in your spirit. it's who you are. 
and you know that if you don't follow that passion, you'll regret it every. single. day.
living out your passion is living out who you are, but to the fullest and most authentic degree.
it can be challenging, scary, maddening, and a huge risk. 
but if you leap, really jump, work your tail off, stay motivated, creative, honest, and kind
then the rewards will heavily outweigh the risks. 
and i get to do that 

i still can't believe it. 

so, now that i'm "back" we'll get down to real business soon....

stay posted, because it's gonna be good.


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