trust me when i say, 'enter this giveaway'


you know those people...

the ones who win the cake walk at the school spring fair
who buy one raffle ticket and it gets drawn from the hat for the grand prize
never met a scratch-off lotto ticket they never cashed in on
get picked to compete on a radio-DJ show and win a lifetime pass to Six Flags

those people have something in their DNA that predisposes them to luck
i do not

so this is where you come in
today (not tomorrow, not the next day) visit The Southern Eclectic 
and enter her fab giveaway 
warning: be prepared to become enamored with the lady herself
she is a million kinds of awesome
you'll not only give yourself a chance to score something beeee-autiful from her collection
but boost my chances to win as well
i'm dreaming of wearing one of her creations on a honeymoon date with C in Playa Mujeres

i know we're all friends here, so pretty please with cherries on top
do me this teensy favor? 



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