memorial day weekend meant a visit to the texas hill country to see my family. we were lucky to have some great friends make the trip with us.
we spent time by the pool at my grandparent's (now my aunt & uncle's house)
ate, talked, and laughed LOTS
hung out at the sunday house in the frio canyon 
hiked, swam, cooked, and laughed some more

such a wonderful time and a MUCH needed escape!

speaking of home...Mr. C and i found our first married-life place! it is a cute little yellow 2-story with a palm tree and a back patio all to ourselves. i'm moving in july 1st, stayed tuned for pics.


  1. Great time, great people, great memories.
    Love ya

  2. What wonderful pictures as always Hattie! I am in love with the shot of you two up high with the beautiful water down below. How cool! and OMG congrats on your new place! It sounds absolutely adorable. So exciting that you're moving so soon! Cheers! xox

  3. Found you via Southern Eclectic. First of I ADORE your name *Hattie Spark* - BEST name ever!!!!! and your amazing photography on your lovely corner of the web - so in LOVE (and more than a tad jealous!!). Thanks for making me smile big time today. I will be back!! Thank you xx

  4. Hellooo Ms Sparks,
    Thanks for your sweet comment ;-)) I would love to take you up on your kind and amazing suggestion and have a little guest blogging proposal for you but it's probably easier to do this over email. Couldn't find your email contact on here so please drop me an email to justinec19@hotmail.com and I can elaborate further. Have a truly lovely day. xx