let's take a stroll


so my wedding photographer is more than just that
she's a very sweet friend who takes pictures
that look like they belong in a fairy tale book
and transforms snapshots into stories
and loves cheese (the food and the adjective) as much as i do

anytime she posts a collection of photos on her blog, i get excited to see what she's captured
this time, it was a stroll around my neighborhood during her visit in march
take and look and you'll understand what i was saying about her

(images via jessicalorren.com)

and just because i'm feeling extra sweet and sappy today
a little quote courtesy of The Southern Eclectic
who is celebrating a third wedding anniversary
(i can't wait for my third, seventeenth, thirtieth and all the other in-between anniversaries)

in case you're wondering
yes, i would pick that moment that C and i met
on the sidewalk outside of the 'red eye'
don't judge
i know a couple who met at the goldmine



  1. Jessica's pictures are AHH-MAZING as always....she totally needs to publish a book of all her pretties!! Which reminds me from looking at these pics that I TOTALLY NEED and WANT a black and white striped awning over my back patio. SO CHIC! Love Sheridan's quote too, that made me smile this morning. No judging happening here RE: Red Eye! M & I have had some *very* interesting late night happenings there, one involving a handkercheif, necktie and some pretty crazy dance moves by my hubs whose video made its rounds and the story gets brought up at least several times a year now. See! No judging!! :) xoxo