i and love and you


Big apologies for the major gap in posts! Things have been a little teensy bit busy between working 9 days in a row, family in town, C & I's first "official" engagement party, cheering on my family in the Rock n Roll 1/2 marathon, and generally a whirlwind week of hosting, chauffering, tour-guiding, eating, laughing, and having way too much fun.

In honor of the one day a year dedicated completely to LOVE (and I like to think of this day as one devoted to showing love to all of those people who are special in your life...not just a significant other!) I've gathered a few really fun images and quotes that made me smile and think of everyone in my life that holds a special place in my heart! 

Happy Valentine's Day! 



  1. awww love that balloon print! i hope you have a lovely engagement party!! xoxo jcd
    cornflake dreams