While I was casually perusing Facebook (always tempted to call it "The Facebook" circa 2004...) I came across the first picture Corey and I had taken together. We had only known each other for a little over a week or so, and had "casually bumped into each other" (i.e. orchestrated a meeting of groups so we could run into each other) after White Linen Night, thinking that our friends wouldn't catch on to how much we really wanted to see each other again. We were wrong...they totally knew. Ok, ok I know...cheesy, sappy, hush up already. But it's always fun to come across those photos of the beginning and think about how far things have come since that day. I will always hold those first few months so close to my heart, and remember them as the time during which we built the foundation for what is to come.

 August 2, 2008
When you find who you love, and who is right for you...don't let them go.