This weekend Corey & I were blessed to be surrounded by our family and friends and "officially" celebrate our engagement with a wonderful party at his Grandparents house. Below are a few snapshots of the evening, which was an absolute blast. It was a perfect night, with lots of laughs, great food, fantastic friends, and a very lively (and hilarious) Sing-Along with Corey and his Groomsmen. Thanks to everyone who made it such a special night!

Love him so, so much.

Dad, Mom, Aunts, cousins, and one sister! So much fun!

Sweet friends who came in from Houston. Love you two!

Law School ladies who I adore.

Sharp-looking group

The Ultimate Sing-Along begins

Only the classics made the cut

Serenading me, "Top Gun" style. So into it. 

So much happiness!


  1. A great and perfect gathering of kindred spirits. A total blast.

  2. You two are a beautiful couple!
    Great blog.

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