rosemary shortbread cookies


My mom used to make these little treats and send them to me while I was in college and grad school..."study snacks" that were usually devoured in one sitting. They are rich, buttery, and the rosemary gives them such a unique flavor. I decided that maybe I'd try my hand at them, and when I emailed her for the recipe, she directed me to the domestic goddess of all goddesses herself, Martha. I followed Martha's recipe exactly (minus the walnuts...I added more rosemary instead) and the only trouble I had was the absence of a Kitchen Aid on my counter top. But hands work just as well as a paddle mixer and I smashed and kneaded the dough until even Ms. Stewart herself would never be able to tell that it was mixed by human hands.

You can find the recipe here

See? No fancy Kitchen Aid needed (this does not mean I'm not dying to own one, though!)

I'm bringing this batch (minus the two I snuck for tasty!) to work with me tomorrow to spread a little Barb Collins/Martha Stewart yumminess to the girls at Anthro. I made them very petite in size so two or three cookies equals the perfect portion. More batches are in the works and might just show up on unsuspecting doorsteps!

*One small tip when making these bad boys: take them out of the oven after the timer has gone off, even if they don't look "done." If you wait for them to brown too much, they'll be hard as a rock and will surely break your teeth. 

Happy Baking & Enjoy!