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I recently came across an article about new book on The Huffington Post and after I had picked my jaw up off of the floor, decided I needed to share these amazing photos and videos. But first, little more about the book:

Modernist Cuisine comprises the work of Nathan Myhrvold, Chris Young, and Maxime Bilet into a six-volume 2,400-page book that Chef David Chang calls "the cook book to end all cook books." These chefs (slash-scientists) employ a scientific and technical approach to both their cooking and the way they've put the book together. Photographer Ryan Matthew Smith used advanced technology to illustrate their book (and their blog) with incredible photos and videos.

Prepare to be blown away:
A lineup of eggs being shot with a 308 sniper rifle at 6200 frames per second.

  Image of a fried egg.

High-speed video of popcorn popping. 6200 frames per second. 

The final image of the popcorn kernel, captured from at 6200 frames per second!

Oil ignites into flames on hot charcoal. 6280 fps. 

High Speed Video of a Water Balloon Popping @ 6200 fps

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