baby, it's cold outside


Winter has arrived (sort of) in New Orleans, and the windy weather and chilly temperatures have me feeling a bit blah. Here are a few things that have kept me occupied while I snuggle under a warm blanket (and wish our only-for-show fireplace actually had a fire crackling in it)

 Leopard print? Yes. Statement Necklace? Yes. Lemon Yellow Skirt? Yes.
Such a divine combo. I have similar pieces in my closet and I will be hitting the streets in this look A-S-A-P!

 Really, really getting the urge to take a trip somewhere. As in, the travel bug is crawling all over me.
Paris in the winter would be just dandy:
 Or foggy London town...

A jaunt up the East Coast to NYC sounds wonderful (this one is actually a little more realistic...)

Being a service industry-er myself, I would say this applies not just to waiters, but to anyone helping you get what you want. Be kind to those who are trying their very hardest to get you that Italian dressing on the side, that top that you absolutely cannot live without even if the salesgirl has to track it down in New Jersey, or just someone making your coffee in the morning. A little bit of consideration goes a VERY long way.

Cuteness personified. Looks a lot like me and Mr. Ben this morning when he hopped up into bed with me at the crack of dawn for a few hours of snuggle time. 

Hello, Globe Chandelier. I would like you to live with me in my house, and hang from the ceiling of a very full and distinguished library.

And finally, two songs that I just love so much by artists that make me terribly happy:

(all images via my new tumblr obsession)



  1. the globe chandelier just made my jaw drop!

    love the divine combo of the statement necklace, leopard, and yellow.

    & people that are rude to anyone in the service industry make me want to slap the taste out their mouths (: