feeling the love


Being relatively new to the blogging world, it came as a complete surprise when people began mentioning my little foray into the World Wide Web on their blogs and, get this, giving me sweet little tokens of recognition! It's a virtual passing-on of the love and it's now my duty to return the favor!

Recently, my sweet friend and Theta sister Erin gave me a Bloggy award on her site Vivi La Vida, which is dedicated to her daughter Vivienne, a supermodel in training (seriously though, check out this child...gorgeous!) Thank you for thinking of me Erin!

Other blogs and people that I think are great and completely deserve a shout-out are:
My sweet Madre: Madre Minutes. Always inspirational and insightful and full of motherly wisdom!
Elizabeth Ann: And Then It's Perfect, I'm In No Rush.... EA always has the wittiest things to say or little anecdotes that remind me how silly and funny life can be.
Jessican Cermak: In the Sky With Diamonds. Another Theta sister with stunning children and the most hilarious take on day-to-day life with two little munchkins.

I also received a second dose of kind thoughts (now I just feel greedy) from the adorable Sarah Tucker on her blog Fairy Tales are True.. Sarah and I met while she was a graduate student at Ole Miss, where two of my TCU girlfriends were also grad students. They all became friends and when I had to evacuate New Orleans for Hurricane Gustav, I stayed in Oxford for a week and got to meet the lovely Sarah. The girl has serious style, impeccable taste and is currently living in Switzerland with her new hubby. Go ahead, be jealous. Thank you for the Happy 101 award sweet girl!

Blogs that make me ridiculously happy and you need to know about:
Lauren's new blog The Semi-Designed Life. Lauren is a friend of mine from TCU and has one of the funniest outlooks on life. Her blog is all about an obsession with design and trying not to craft herself to death. Also, she has the most adorable dog on the planet, Watson. Love him!
Sheridan French: The Southern Eclectic. I can't remember exactly how I stumbled upon this particular blog, but I reach the pinnacle of envy when I read it. She has wonderful taste, a cute little baby, and interesting things to say about fashion, life, decorating, cooking, etc. etc. (the list really could go on forever...)
Jolie: Relentless. I recently featured two of Jolie's designs from her new line Jolie and Elizabeth, and was thrilled when she commented on the post (who would have thought that a designer I featured would actually read my blog!) I discovered that she has a blog of her own, dedicated solely to the city of New Orleans and it's unique spirit and atmosphere.

Thank you to Erin and Sarah for thinking of me, and if I passed along some love to you....go on ahead and spread it around!



  1. Thanks for mentioning me Hattie! I love your blog so much!!

  2. i LOVE finding New Orleans blogs, and yours is fab!
    & thanks for the mention to the right :)