52 weeks


As I near the finish line of my twenty-year educational journey (let's not even start with the PhD conversation...the thought of at least five more years of school makes me feel like I'm going to faint) I'm suddenly facing all the questions my friends had to ask themselves at the end of college. The one that looms overhead like a little black cartoon raincloud (you know, the kind that appears from nowhere and unleashes a monsoon on you when you are sans raincoat or umbrella) is: "What should I do with my life?"

Enter Sean Aiken, the recent college grad who embarked on a year-long journey to find his passion and chronicled his adventures in a new book, pictured above. The goal: work one job a week for 52 weeks, survive off of $1,000/month from a sponsor, and donate all wages earned to charity. I recently read an article about Sean (read it for yourself HERE) and while I don't think I'll be taking part in this kind of endeavor (although it does sound very novel and exciting, I'm not much of a hitchhiker and I prefer a bed to a couch) I am still fascinated by his choice to dip his toe into as many professions as possible...creating almost a career in and of itself: a "professional professional."


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