designer spotlight: ellenL jewelry


today's spotlight is on Ellen Logan, designer behind the local jewelry line EllenL
and one of the sweetest girls i know.

how i came upon Ellen's line is nothing short of fate.
it was right before mardi gras, about two weeks before Hattie Sparks was set to open
and i was telling my husband: 
"i really, really need another jewelry designer. and i want them to be local."
of course, this designer also needed to have a certain aesthetic 
that would be cohesive with the rest of my merchandise, 
and their pieces needed to be affordable.
so you can imagine i was hitting some dead ends. 

the very next night we went out to dinner, where we ran into a friend of mine from TCU
who just happened to be Ellen's cousin.
he knew about the store, and told me about her line
gave me her contact information,
and once i saw the photos of her creations
i knew i had found the designer i was searching for! 

since opening, EllenL has been our best-selling jewelry line.
her pieces are consistently fresh & current
and always look sharp, sophisticated, and unique. 
her "spike necklaces" have become a trademark of hers
and consistently sell out at Hattie Sparks
some of her jewelry was even used in a feature on The Everygirl!
read below as Ellen gives us a little insight into her inspirations, motivations
and why she loves what she does!


(EllenL Turquoise & Red-dyed Turquoise 'Spike' Necklaces)

Tell us what makes your line special:
My line is made up of a lot of one-of-a-kinds. Every piece is custom
designed and created. They’re all unique- no one stone is exactly the
same as another.

What inspires you:
My friends and fashion inspire me. The stones themselves are
inspiring too…both shapes and colors. When I look for stones I
lean towards those that will enhance a fashion statement as well as
picture my friends that will wear them and what they’d portray when
they wear them.

What is your favorite part of your job:
I think my favorite part is the rewarding feeling I have after I’ve
created something I really love and seeing my piece on someone
else. The way other people feel when they wear EllenL. All of that…
and making my own hours!

Describe the type of girl who wears EllenL:
She’s confident, likes to take a risk every now and then and always
owns her own style.

What are your favorite stones to work with:
Well right now I really love the blues… chalcedony and angelite. I
also love a stone that is cut in an unexpected way- there are so many
fun possibilities with them.

If you could have one celebrity wear your designs, who would it be:
Ahh… great question!! I’d love for soooo many to wear EllenL but
to just name a few I would have to say Blake Lively, Kate Hudson,
Gwyneth Paltrow, Rachel Bilson, Penelope Cruz 
or maybe Princess Kate!

What is your favorite thing about living and working in New Orleans:
New Orleans is a creative place - the music, food, personalities and
culture; to me, it’s a creative persons haven. I love that young people
from all over see the need for a place like New Orleans and want to be
apart of its future!

A Few of Our Favorites From EllenL:

white-dyed turquoise, rose quartz & amazonite necklace 

turquoise beaded bar necklace

neon jade & onyx triple-strand necklace

amazonite drop earrings

a BIG thank you to Ellen for letting me interview you for this post!
come shop these pieces & many more at Hattie Sparks!


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