designer spotlight: camilyn beth


i first heard about camilyn beth's beautiful designs 
when i saw two of her dresses worn in a gorgeous wedding
shot by our wedding photographer, the lovely jessica lorren
cami & the darling sarah tucker are the bridesmaids wearing camilyn beth
and i couldn't get over how beautiful the designs were,
or how classic, yet unique the girls looked in their dresses.
i thought to myself...i hope to see lots more from this designer! 

at that point the store was just an idea, still in the planning stages
as was the beginnings of cami's wholesale line
as i began gathering inventory for hattie sparks
i piked up photographs from the world traveler sarah tucker 
and collaborated on gorgeous new orleans-themed prints and cards 
with the very talented shannon kirsten
both of whom are two of cami's very best friends 
(talk about a talented group!)

when cami approached me about selling camilyn beth at hattie sparks
i was thrilled!
excited to represent a designer that i really believed in
excited to be one of the first people to carry a line that i know will go far
and excited to work with such a gifted, sweet, and wonderful person. 

the camilyn beth line has been welcomed to the fashion scene in new orleans with enthusiasm 
and has been featured on the gorgeous gals of 
we're so lucky to have camilyn beth as a part of the hattie sparks family!

continue reading for our interview with cami, as well as a preview of her Holiday '12 Collection,
a link to the lookbok 
and a special invitation & surprise GIVEAWAY!

Cami is wearing the "Snazzy Suez" Jacket 
and her sister Ashten is wearing the "Schoolgirl Skirt"
Camilyn Beth Holiday 2012

Tell us what makes your line special:  I believe the Camilyn Beth line is special because of the details and energy behind the collection. Camilyn Beth clothing is proudly made in Florida and Louisiana. Every garment is sewn with a hidden inspirational quote. Each piece is made to last and made to be as versatile as the woman wearing it. 

What inspires you: My inspiration comes from a mix of classic American and modern Scandinavian style. Part of my design career was spent in Stockholm, Sweden and will forever have an impact on my designing. Many times I am inspired by a retro silhouette and from that inspiration I use modern details to create truly unique design. I am inspired by street style, vintage clothing, and effortless beauty from the USA to Sweden. 

What is your favorite part of your job: My favorite part of my job is waking up everyday to live out my dream. Being able to create one of a kind garments that make women feel confident and radiant. Combining my ideas, fabric, and thread to bring to life a single collection is so exciting. Doing all this and networking with amazing people who are just as passionate is what keeps me smiling and moving forward. 

Describe the type of girl who wears Camilyn Beth: When I begin a design, I start by thinking about the kind of girl that will be wearing the dress and what kind of day she will be having. I picture her going to lunch or work during the day followed by a great dinner with her best girl friends or out on the town with an amazing date. The Camilyn Beth girl is not defined by her age, but her state of mind. She is fresh, polished, and confident.  

What are your favorite materials to work with: Silk in all forms is definitely my favorite. I love the way a silk/cotton blend feels agains skin, I love the way silk charmeuse blows in the wind, and I love the structure and shine of raw silk. 

If you could have one celebrity wear your designs, who would it be: It would be an honor to have Michelle Williams, Sienna Miller, and Katie Holmes wear a CB garment. 

What is your favorite thing about living and working in Florida: My favorite part about living and working in Florida would be the sunshine. I always open all curtains during the day and let the natural light shine in. On days off I love being out in the outside getting energized and filled up on my vitamin D. 

A trend you'd love to see resurrected: A trend I would love to see resurrected would be the classic 1950's flight attendant uniforms. I can't get enough of those sweet little suits, shift dresses, and scarves around their neck. So classic!

A favorite quote that keeps you going: Whatever I have, wherever I am, I can make it through anything in the One who makes me who I am. Philppians 4:13

Advice to young women who want to start their own business: Advice for any young woman starting off would be to set practical goals for yourself, look at your mistakes as positives, and keep moving forward with energy until you reach your target point. 

The "Mod Molly" Dress

The "Elegance" Dress

The "Snazzy Suez" Jacket & "Schoolgirl" Skirt 

The "Charlie" Top & The "Sporty Skirt" 

The "Scalloped Edge" Dress

see the rest of the gorgeous Camilyn Beth Holiday 2012 Collection HERE

also, we hope you'll join us THIS saturday from 6pm-9pm at martine chaisson gallery
for "Cocktails with Camilyn Beth & Shannon Kirsten"

we also have a fantastic GIVEAWAY running this week
that gives you a chance to win 
a custom made dress from Camilyn Beth
and hand-painted notecards from Shannon Kirsten
simply follow the instructions below...
and good luck! 


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