to read, to see


need to finish this:
 so i can see this: 

so i can then start reading this: 

and eventually watch this:

i (usually) make it a point to read the book before i see the movie. 9 times out of 10, the movie gets it wrong and then you get to be that person who advises, 
"oh you really need to read the book. it's just so much better."

so nice to have books back on my "to-do" lists 


  1. Ahhh, I finished Water for Elephants last week and am dying to see the movie! That trailer totally made me tear up a little and gave me chills! I've gotta sweet talk my hubby into going with me...

  2. Ok, just watched the One Day trailer and am totally intrigued!!! I think I'll have to read it next too! I love Jim Sturgess, not too sure about Anne's accent though...

  3. Just saw Circus flick this weekend - as usual the book was the best (Although the movie was pretty good)! I loved that book!
    I'm probably going to add your One Day book to my list now too :)