Tuesday night, basketball on, Pinterest.com &bippityboppityboo up
So...this is what you get:

the art history nerd in me is giggling with delight

take me back to SF...

yeah it is! particularly when it's filled with weeks like the one i'm having: nba playoff games, railroad revival tour, jazzfest, friends, good food, and sunshine.

oh heyyy what's up turquoise open-air shower? you're mine? guess i could deal with that.

want some bubblies in my belly. even if its cheap...i always feel fancy drinking the champies. 

if i wasn't a curly-Q i would steal this hair off of her head. 

a life without cheese is a sad one indeed.

makes me think of colorado and the sound of a river.

during graduate school, i stared at things like this until my eyes wanted to sprout legs and flee from my head. funny how a year of separation makes me come back and start to appreciate it again...


'romeo & juliet windmill' by frank lloyd wright



  1. SO many great photos! ill take the tile shower, short hair and cheese ;) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams