feeling the love


We spent this weekend in Houston where we were blessed with an incredible wedding shower by my Aunt & Uncle and our family friends the Mastersons.  The shower was Fiesta themed, complete with Molina's (my fave) catering, a margarita machine, fantastic decorations, and a MARIACHI band! The Masterson's house is gorgeous and was the perfect setting for the party....and the Houston weather cooperated for us, which was a nice bonus! The whole evening was wonderful, and it meant so much to see how much time, effort, thoughtfulness, and careful planning went into making the event what it was.

What really made it memorable, though, were the people who came to celebrate with us. Numerous people traveled from hours and hours away just to be there for a couple of days--working extra to be able to take time off to come to the party, stopping in for a while in between a late night and early morning shift, flying halfway across the country, and even one sweet friend who came in for just a little over 24 hours so she could attend. Many others who couldn't attend were so sweet to send their love through thoughtful cards & gifts, making us feel very spoiled and special.

We so appreciated all of the love that we felt not only by the presence of our families and friends, but by the things that they gave up, events they chose to forgo, and efforts they made to make the night memorable for Corey and I.  We could not have asked for a better group to have celebrated with!

BIG love and thanks to everyone! 

 Catching up with one of my closest friends from high school and college!
These two were a riot & and so entertaining!
 Beautiful hostesses Catherine & Aunt Paige
Thank you to my sweet sister for making the trek down from North Carolina!
  Two of my loves I met as Thetas at TCU...yall are the best!
Precious friend Georgia. Love her so much. 
My family surprised us with the gift of a big new bed for our first home!

I will be riding high on the happiness of this weekend for a long time! Thank you again to everyone who made it so wonderful.



  1. how fun! im glad you had a good time :) xoxo jcd :: stop by im having a custom print giveaway! cornflake dreams