a small collection of things i love


I just returned from six days in this great state, and as much as I love Louisiana, there really is nowhere like Texas. Corey came home with me for Thanksgiving this year, which was an extra special treat. Such a wonderful time--relaxing, laughing with family, catching up with my Aunts, great food, comfy beds, and Mom's cooking.

I'm really hoping that our first house has a back yard (with a tree) so that I can rig up something like this. Probably not this fancy, but something sparkly and twinkly nonetheless. 

For C., who loves to hate the Starbucks sizes.

Love cheese, so naturally, love this cute little poster. Probably should eat less of this with a wedding fast approaching.... 

Four Words: Nutella. Banana. English Muffin.
Seriously yummy.

Now that the temperature in Nola has decided to be a little less August and a little more November, I can actually snuggle under a big comforter and quilt. Long gone are the days of laying as still as possible on top of the sheets, because one slight movement would cause me to break out into a sweat. So glad for cooler nights and a comfy bed.

I had very mixed feelings about the high-heeled clog trend, since all I seemed to come across were very horrifying and tacky options. But thanks to a beautiful dark brown pair from Lucky Brand with a great natural wood sole and modest heel, (scored at Swap for $45!) I have become a clog lady. Now, mine are nowhere near as tall as these, but I love this look. Yes, socks with clogs. Before you roll your eyes and think I've reverted back to my socks-with-Teva sandals days, let me explain. I have a few great pairs of thin, subtly sparkly socks from Anthro that I wear with the clogs to keep my feet from getting clammy (gross) while I'm working (yes, these shoes are so comfy I can stand in them for 8 hours and my feet don't ache in the slightest...a miracle, really) Since I have been wearing my clogs with skinny jeans, I simply roll the ankle up a little bit which lets the socks peek out. I've had only good reactions to this combo, so if you're still not a believer, you'll just have to trust me. 

I have Sunday off for the first time in a long time, so I hope all of yours is as relaxing as I plan mine to be! 


  1. Love the look and loved having you home.
    Love ya

  2. Thank you for that picture of coffee cups that know what's up. "'Grande' is Spanish for large, not medium; and 'Venti' is Italian for 20, not large. Congratulations, you're wrong in two languages..." (finally remembered it).

  3. i love sooo many things that you love!

    girls got good taste! (:

    happy holidays hattie!

  4. Dang I haven't been to Swap in a while, I should really go!

    And not to tempt you BUT St. James Cheese Company does great cheese classes. We went to the last one and it was a lot of fun!