My wonderful madre--thanks for everything you do for me and for being so lovely. I read the excerpt below and it made me want to say "thank you" a million times over to the woman who would go to the moon and back for my sisters and me. I love you!

"No matter how your relationship is defined, your mother - present, absent - leaves the biggest footprint on your life. She inhabits you, she defines you. No one will ever care quite as much about whether you take your vitamins, whether you get enough sleep, whether you're getting too thin. You'll take your mother for granted because she lets you, because you know she'll always forgive you. But if you're lucky enough to have a good one - and many of us do - count every single one of your lucky stars. She's your history, your future, and she's got your back."
Elle magazine, 2010 


  1. how beautiful!!

    and your mom is soo cute!! I think she's got my dream - I'd love to have 7 little girls (: