if heaven was on earth


Un-be-lieeeevable news: there is a 2-story Anthropologie opening in New Orleans in a few weeks, and it's bound to be the most glorious place on earth (complete with a suspension staircase, WHAT?!?!) Even BETTER news: I'M WORKING THERE! I have the good fortune of being hired to work full-time in quite possibly one of my favorite environments e-v-e-r. For me, it's not just the clothes that make Anthro fabulous, but the whole atmosphere and the idea of a whimsical, unique, and beautiful lifestyle conveyed by the company. I was chosen as one of only 6 full-timers (out of 70 total employees) so I'm feeling incredibly blessed, as well as encouraged by the kind words and motivation passed my way. I'm beyond excited to contribute to such a wonderful company....and, let's be honest, for my employee discount.

This is the Rockefeller Center store in NYC....aren't the floating marshmellows dreamy?


  1. i have to say that i am incredibly jealous. i can guarantee that you will be having way more fun working there than in any 9 to 5 job! not to mention filling your wardrobe with some seriously cute stuff!

  2. I want to hop on a plane to nola right now- just to check this anthro out. the combination of new orleans and anthropologie would absolutely steal my heart.

    congrats on the job! I worked there for a bit when I was teaching and loved every second. oh and that employee discount- how i miss it!