CRAVE [kreyv] –verb 1. to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly


This bed-bedding-wall color-bedside table combo is perfection.
 So infatuated with this piece from Restoration Hardware. It would look fantastic in the corner of my bedroom and would be the perfect spot to curl up with a good book! 
The "Capri" bed from Blueblood Living might be a smidge girly for Mr. Ben, but he would still look outstandingly adorable perched atop this cute little cushion.
The epitome of pared-down chic. I love everything about this ensemble. 
If only America would strategically place these uplifting signs at crucial junctions (specifically those locations frequented in the middle of the day when almost everyone is in need of a pick-me-up) morale would surely skyrocket.
Mental note: keep eyes peeled for fabulous vintage trunks.
I would do unspeakable things to have a closet/dressing room just like this one. For now, my tad-bit-bigger than a shoebox closet and spare hanging rack in the hall will have to suffice. But a girl can dream, right? 
I love Gossip Girl. There. I said it. I will admit though, that about 85% of my love for the show stems not from their juicy story lines, but from their to-die-for wardrobes. When I saw this shot of S & B in Paris looking all kinds of adorable, I got a little too excited (almost as excited as when I realized Little J was nowhere to be found. Take your bad Muppet weave and raccoon eyes elsewhere!)
Jewelry armoire. This is more than a want, this is a full-on need. 
A sweet parting thought.



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