most wanted: the nest


i'm not even going to get into why i've been absent from this blog for so long
things have been wild-and-crazy busy
so let's just start fresh, shall we? 

lately i've been in super nesting mode
no, there's not a bun in the oven.
i will blame it on a new 'baby' though, a gorgeous couch we bought each other for christmas.
she's set off a flurry of interior decor pins on pinterest
and the hunt for just the thing (or three) to make the house feel 'complete.' 
maybe it's because we're headed into year three living at the yellow house
and even though it's a rental i'm wanting to put our unique stamp on it.
more than likely it's that i have no more closet space so instead of new clothes, i'm buying decor.
either way, here are my latest obsessions i hope/dream will one day find their way into casa moll.

1. LOVE print 

but THIS lady, in all her gold-flecked zebra hide glory, is the numero uno object of my affection.
i've been obsessed with hide rugs since my mom put a cool argentinian cow hide in my dad's office.
this might be the perfect combination of rustic and eclectic 
with the most appropriate dash of glamour.
i love you.
i need you.
come live with me, please?
(jamie meares of furbish studio, you are my decorating spirit animal)

the couch that started an obsession.
dressed up with pillows from Furbish, Joss & Main, and Jonathan Adler. 


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