flip or click?


anyone who knows me well has witnessed my complete addiction to magazines
i used to get so excited on the first day of each month
because that meant loading up on a fresh stack of glossy mags in the checkout line.
the best part was hunkering down for hours and getting lost in page upon page of gorgeous photos
oh, and reading the articles...of course.
if you could have told me there was anything better
than flipping through the september issue of 'vogue'
or diving in to a great 'vanity fair' article while surrounded by piles and piles of fluffy pillows
(with a box fan on high, pointed directly at your face, and maybe a glass of wine...)
...then i might've handed over my stack and sworn off the things altogether.

with all that said, you might be surprised to learn that while i have not completely abandoned
the printed variety, internet magazines have taken the top spot as diversion of choice lately.
with incredible photographs, layouts, and content, these publications are an equal,
and far less costly subsitute.

if you don't believe me,
take a look at three of my current favorites.
the best part is, they can still be read the old-fashioned way:
in bed, with a box fan and a glass of wine.


Lonny is like that awesome friend of yours who can wear stripes, hot pink, and leopard print
all at the same time, and still look amazing. This interiors/lifestyle magazine is full of all things beautiful and eclectic and is basically what the inside of my brain looks like on any given day.
To say I'm enamored would be an understatement.


Matchbook is a little like Lonny's tomboy younger sister, who still appreciates a good pair of flats and a nice shade of red lipstick. Think Kate Spade-meets-LL Bean-meets-J.Crew.
Or just see for yourself.


Last, but certainly not least, Julep. This publication is dedicated to the modern Southern lifestyle
and covers everything from regional craft beers to New Orleans Fashion Week. The photography is stunning, and the articles substantial and informative.
(Sidenote--my friend Christy, of Slow Southern Style is a contributor in the Summer & Fall 2011 issues so everyone should immediately stop what you're doing and go read her articles.)
If you want a big dose of Southern goodness, Julep does not disappoint.

when it comes to magazines...are you an old fashioned page-flipper,
or do you prefer to click your way through your monthly mags?



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