i love the mall. for today.


Still riding high on what quite possibly could have been the best trip to the mall I've ever had
Case in point:

First, I get an unexpected birthday surprise at Sephora: a bottle of Philosophy (my FAVE) body wash with a special "Happy Birthday Beautiful" message and yummy birthday cake scent. Note to readers: if you are a Sephora Beauty Insider (very official title) and have a birthday in January, get your booty down to Sephora for your free gift! This bottle is the 3rd Philosophy product currently taking up residence in my shower, and I am not in the least bit ashamed. I LOVE it. 

After the Sephora sales girl completely made my day, I trotted over to Ann Taylor where this little gem was waiting just for me. Not only did it fit perfectly but it was a whopping TEN DOLLARS. I was in disbelief. Was the zipper broken? A strange hidden rip that wouldn't be found until after I got it home? A weird funky smell that even the strongest Febreeze couldn't get rid of? How could this once $250 dress from the Ms. A. Taylor be such an unbelievable price? Something must be horribly wrong with it. Nope. None of the above. A perfect, beautiful, classic, and unique Little Black Dress now living happily in my closet. 

Do you now understand why I had to brag a little bit? Best. Mall. Day. Ever. 


  1. Freaking awesome mall day! I'm a little jealous I wasn't born in January now...

  2. o wow! two great finds. love that dress. happy birthday :) xoxo jcd